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Punk/Noise Keynote Three: Sezgin Boynik

Sezgin Boynik is a theoretician based in Helsinki and Prizren. He has published on experimental film, punk music, the critique of nationalism, zaum poetry, the underground history of communism and conceptual art. He completed his PhD on Yugoslav “Black Wave” cinema. He co-edited Nationalism and Contemporary Art: Critical Reader (MM & Exit, 2007) and History ofContinue reading “Punk/Noise Keynote Three: Sezgin Boynik”

Punk/Noise Keynote Two: Marie Thompson

Marie Thompson is a Senior Lecturer in the University of Lincoln’s School of Film and Media. She is the author of Beyond Unwanted Sound: Noise, Affect and Aesthetic Moralism (Bloomsbury, 2017). Marie co-leads, with Annie Goh, Sonic Cyberfeminisms, an ongoing project interrogating the relationship between gender, sound and technology. Marie’s current research concerns the intersection of sound technologies and biosocial reproduction. 

Punk/Noise Keynote One: Paul Hegarty

Paul Hegarty is Chair of French and Francophone studies at the University of Nottingham. He performs in the noise band Safe and is the author of several books including Noise/Music: A History, Rumour and Radiation: Sound in Video Art, Georges Bataille: Core Cultural Theorist and Reverberations: The Philosophy, Aesthetics and Politics of Noise (co-authored withContinue reading “Punk/Noise Keynote One: Paul Hegarty”

Punk/Noise Panel 6B

Mythologies’ Interwoven ExtremitiesRobert Boyle Lecture Theatre Clive Henry (Independent scholar, Southampton) – ‘Modern HNW is Rubbish’ Harsh Noise Wall (HNW) has a history of being scorned by the wider noise genre, often derided as being lazy, skill-less, and utterly homogeneous. The paper’s title references an album by the pop band Blur, states that HNW isContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 6B”

Punk/Noise Panel 6A

Curation & DisruptionThe Boiler House Francis Stewart (Bishop Grosseteste University, Lincoln)‘Sounds of the (marginalised punk) underground: the use of noise in punk curation and narration’ Music is brilliant at crystallising emotional memories but sometimes – and punk was one of those times – it can also transmit a set of values. Within punk a significantContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 6A”

Punk Noise Panel 5B

Metal Machine Music vs. the Harsh Noise WallRobert Boyle Lecture Theatre Marko Djurdjic (York University, Toronto)‘“My week beats your year”: On Listening to Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music’ On a masochistic whim, I listened to Metal Machine Music. In its entirety. And upon hearing its cacophonous grind, I realized that there is nothing to ‘get’Continue reading “Punk Noise Panel 5B”

Punk/Noise Panel 5A

US Hardcore, Punk & DisseminationThe Boiler House Daniel Makagon (DePaul University, Chicago)‘Punk’s Decisive Moments: Seeing the Scene through Photozines’ In 1982 Glen E. Friedman published My Rules photozine. Although other photozines had been released prior to My Rules, the size of the print run (10,000) combined with the emergence of hardcore to mark My RulesContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 5A”

Punk/Noise Panel 4B

Anti-ProfessionalismRobert Boyle Lecture Theatre Ian Trowell (Independent scholar based in the Fens) – ‘Where the system starts: Throbbing Gristle vs Architectural Association’ In March 1978, the musicians Throbbing Gristle performed at the Architectural Association in London, a rare appearance of the band and an even rarer incorporation of live music performance into the confines ofContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 4B”

Punk/Noise Panel 4A

HarshNoiseWall & Its DiscontentsThe Boiler House Lexi Turner (Cornell University, Ithaca, NY)‘Ballet Shoes, Butchers Knives and Black Leather Gloves: Narrative of the Body in Harsh Noise Wall’ This paper seeks to investigate specifically the “harsh noise wall” movement and in particular the work of Richard Ramirez (Black Leather Jesus, Werewolf Jerusalem) and Sam McKinlay (TheContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 4A”