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Punk/Noise Panel 3B

Interrogating ContextsThe Boiler House[all the presentations in this panel consist of performance to a certain extent] Daniel Blumberg (Mute Records) & Elvin Brandhi (Akademie der bildende Künste, Vienna)‘Bakh’ Peter J Woods (University of Wisconsin, Madison)‘Fluxus Event For Academic Conferences’ Submit this event score in lieu of a proposal or paper to an academic conference. TheContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 3B”


Punk/Noise Panel 3A

Text & ContextRobert Boyle Lecture Theatre, Armstrong Building Kevin Quinn (Central Saint Martins, UAL)‘The New Musical Express: Reporting the Southall Riot (1981)’ In 1981, two years into ‘Thatcherism’, unemployment continued to rise, Cold war paranoia and the imminent threat of the bomb lingered, and there were several eruptions of ‘race’ and ‘class’ riots across EnglandContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 3A”

Punk/Noise Panel 2C

Punk Through Narrative & IdentityRoom G.17, Armstrong Building Jessica Blaise Ward (Leeds Beckett University)‘Who remembers post-punk women?’ Who remembers post-punk? Its cultural and musical presence in the late 1970s and the early 1980s is often celebrated by many, despite the numerous hardships that British society faced. From industrial disputes and strikes to anti-Thatcherism and youthContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 2C”

Punk/Noise Panel 2B

Aggression/Abjection/Transgression 2Room G.15, Armstrong Building Benedict Quilter (Co-Founder Independent Woman Records, NZ) – ‘Oedipus Rex: On the Myth Of Transgression In Noise Music’ S & M, Rape, Paedophilia, “Nazi aesthetics” and Sexism are as common place in fashion as they are in noise music, so why is it that those involved in so called “transgressive”Continue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 2B”

Punk/Noise Panel 2A

Scenes & LocalitiesRoom G.11, Armstrong Building Grainne Milner-McLoone (Newcastle University)‘Punk/Noise and Aggression in Northern Ireland’ The Punk phenomenon of the 1970s hit Northern Ireland in a unique way, introducing a wave of aggression that helped to release the tensions of the sectarian conflict,  ‘the troubles’, at that time. The punk scene prompted many home formedContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 2A”

Punk/Noise Panel 1C

Panel 1C: Aggression/Abjection/Transgression 1 Room G.17, Armstrong Building Céline Murillo (University of Paris 13 (Sorbonne Paris Cité)‘From Aggression to Transgression: No Wave Films and Their music’ Punk films made in New York in the late 70s are generally labelled “No Wave” films, a term derived from a second wave of American Punk music. When NoContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 1C”

Punk/Noise Panel 1B

Scenes, Settings, Systems Room G.15, Armstrong Building Ellen Bernhard (Chestnut Hill College, Philadelphia)‘Crowdfunding a Scene: GoFundMe, Norms of Reciprocity and Social (Media) Capital in Contemporary Punk Rock Communities’ In the age of social media, DIY practice transgresses physical spaces into digital realms—bands can share news of shows, new merchandise, music, and tour updates through aContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 1B”

Punk/Noise Panel 1A

Punk, Noise & GeopoliticsRoom G.11, Armstrong Building Michael Hepworth (Sunderland University)‘Punk, noise and transgression: Anarchy in the UK? Adult migrants make some noise!’ Adult migrants to the UK are a relatively powerless group within society. They are often spoken about but seldom given the opportunity to speak for themselves and as a consequence lack audibilityContinue reading “Punk/Noise Panel 1A”

Full Conference Programme

MONDAY 16th December 9.00 – Registration/Reception 9.30 – WELCOME & KEYNOTE ONE: Paul Hegarty [The Boiler House] [tea/coffee] SESSION ONE: 11-12.30 Panel 1A: Punk, Noise & Geopolitics Room G.11, Armstrong Building Michael Hepworth (Sunderland University) – ‘Punk, noise and transgression: Anarchy in the UK? Adult migrants make some noise!’ John Parham (University of Worcester) –Continue reading “Full Conference Programme”